Lisbon Funniest Tour

The fun way to discover Lisbon. We are a company operating in the field of Tourism within the city of Lisbon.

Tuk Tuk Lisboa Lisboa is a tour operator that focus on its customers. We work to exceed our customers’ expectations through outstanding service.

Tuk Tuk Lisboa Lisboa adds the Portuguese welcoming tradition with personalized service and delivers the necessary comfort, safety, entertainment and ease to fully enjoy Lisbon.

What can be more thrilling than visiting Lisbon on a Tuk Tuk Lisboa??

A Tuk Tuk Lisboa ride is a fun exciting experience and a fun way to get to know the city.
We guarantee you an original tour.

Tuk Tuk Lisboa


Tuk Tuk Lisboa– three-wheeled cabin cycle auto richshaw that serves as urban transport which is widely used in big cities such as India and the Asian Southeast.

This mean of transportation has been welcomed recently by some European countries. Portugal is one of them!

Come meet the capital city on board a truly special vehicle: Tuk Tuk Lisboa!

Discover the city in a different way and welcome to Lisbon!!

… For every purpose you want…

Os Tuk Tuk Lisboa suits every demand, from sightseeing, to an always special wedding day, or even corporate parties, it is a truly different type of transportation.

Turn your special occasion into an unforgettable moment!

With the Tuk Tuk Lisboa you can go wherever you want and feel the pulse of the city and its people.


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